Disney: The Story That Connects (Almost) All the Parks

Hey! Hallie here! Disney really likes storytelling in their parks. Usually, though, each of their storylines are confined to one ride or show. It isn’t like you can connect something like Space Mountain to It’s a Small World. Not that you’d want to. Surprisingly, there are several attractions you can connect. These aren’t just attractionsContinue reading “Disney: The Story That Connects (Almost) All the Parks”

Disney: ‘Tower of Terror’ Movie Review

Hey! Hallie here! I’ve talked about both Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor during this month, but I’ve neglected to talk about Disney’s other famously spooky ride, Tower of Terror. Tower of Terror has a basic story, which we’ll get to in a bit, but it’s story isn’t very detailed. So it made sense that inContinue reading “Disney: ‘Tower of Terror’ Movie Review”