Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men Part 2

Hey! Hallie here! I have recently come to the realization that there are way more connections I can make between the Avengers and X-Men characters. Because of that, I’m back with another post in this series! In this series I put characters from the X-Men and Avengers films up against each other based on theirContinue reading “Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men Part 2”

Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men

Hey! Hallie here! The Marvel fandom has often debated which Marvel team is better considering the success of both the X-Men and Avengers movie universes. There are other major teams in Marvel, like the Fantastic Four, but none have made anywhere near as big of an impression as these two did. And with the biggestContinue reading “Marvel: Avengers vs X-Men”