Comfort Entertainment: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus

Image of Sailor Uranus and Neptune from ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ movie. Copyright goes to Toei Company.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Firstly, I want to congratulate Jimin for his new OST and breaking a record! The song is so gorgeous! But today, I’m going to talk about a franchise that I would definitely seem like the type to enjoy but I actually had never watched until a couple weeks ago. Me, the pastel loving anime watcher had never before this point seen anything ‘Sailor Moon’. I know, I know. I’ve been wanting to watch it for years now, but couldn’t really find any place to watch it. It recently came to my attention that a new ‘Sailor Moon’ series as well as a movie came to Netflix. And while the series itself received mixed reviews, the movie was one that most considered to be pretty good. As these two things were my best bet at finally consuming some sort of ‘Sailor Moon’ content, I decided to watch them both. ‘Sailor Moon: Crystal’ I didn’t watch completely. I watched season one and then skipped to season three because people said that it was by far the best and I wasn’t completely sold yet. And season 3 was really where I started to fall in love with this franchise. And it mostly had to do with two important characters who completely stole my heart right off the bat. With that said, I’m just going to get into gushing about my two favorite Sailor Scouts! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYTHING SAILOR MOON BUT ESPECIALLY CRYSTAL AND ETERNAL!

Sailor Neptune:

If I were pressed to choose my favorite Sailor Scout, it would probably be Sailor Neptune. Sailor Neptune is undeniably the most elegant and graceful of all the Sailor Scouts and she’s also undeniably one of the most mysterious. When we’re introduced to her, we know right off the bat that she is a prodigy at many things. Specifically swimming and playing violin. In fact, she’s actually pretty famous for playing the violin despite the fact that she’s a young High School student. In ‘Crystal’ at least, her storyline involves her dropping quite a few hints and warnings to Usagi and Mamoru before they actually fully realize what’s happening. While Haruka seems to take more of a route in messing with Usagi, Michiru takes more joy in messing with Mamoru. Something that I definitely enjoyed watching, especially because of the general role of Tuxedo Mask. While I like him a lot, he tends to save the day more than not and his knowledge and position are never much questioned by other characters because of it. Watching Michiru go toe to toe with him on multiple occasions is one of the things that really made me start considering Neptune as my favorite. Not only that, but I love the deep sea theming for all of Sailor Neptune’s coloring and abilities. I have always been a huge fan of most things nautical themed, and I wasn’t expecting there to be a Sailor Scout that was just short of being a mermaid.

Sailor Uranus:

Sailor Uranus goes consistently by he/him pronouns and she/her pronouns, so I may skip between. Haruka’s gender identity is constantly debated, as she has said that she doesn’t want to be defined by it and doesn’t care what people see her as. Though a lot of people still argue that Sailor Uranus is first and foremost a woman based off of a comment from the author, I think that there’s enough proof for her to be representation if that’s what you believe her to be. Haruka has said herself that she doesn’t care, so I’m not sure why we should argue about it. Haruka and Michiru are still a queer couple no matter how you look at it. But, to each their own! I think Haruka is probably gender fluid, but that’s just my perception. Either way, I don’t think anyone, guy or girl, didn’t have a massive crush on Haruka the first time they saw her. Haruka originally presents as a man, dressing in male uniforms and not caring that he’s being perceived more as a guy. He’s also rich and a famous race-car driver. Haruka and Michiru can afford two private helicopters because of their sponsors. Haruka specifically targets Usagi, and confuses her as well as himself on multiple occasions. While he’s flirty, I don’t think he ever means to take it as far as he does. And even Usagi comments that he’s confused and sad. Still, Haruka is never anything short of charming and I love that he’s the only Sailor Scout to wield a sword. Definitely the most badass on the team.

NOT Cousins:

For those of you who didn’t already know this tidbit of information that I was recently shocked to discover; the original English dub of the original series tried to pass Haruka and Michiru off as cousins. Which is seriously one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. This was even complete with the dub trying to insert the word ‘cousin’ as much as possible into scenes they couldn’t cut that looked embarrassingly suspicious. Including a scene where Michiru was obviously almost kissing Haruka and the English dub instead explained this scene away by having Michiru whisper “cus”. Real subtle (face-palms). Obviously, they are not cousins in any other version. Thankfully, the new English voice actors recently dubbed over the original series; this time the company thankfully took out all the “cousin” stuff and correctly dubbed them as a couple. Because Sailor Neptune and Uranus are a couple canonically. I did go to the original series to watch their origin story, and it was heartbreaking to see Neptune already awoken and pining after Uranus, her long lost partner, but still not wanting Haruka to ruin the life she has by becoming a Sailor Scout. I legitimately cried. But all that aside, this is one of the first examples of an openly queer couple in a children’s show. And I think this fact goes overlooked by too many. When I hear people talk about ‘Sailor Moon’, I have barely ever heard anyone mention that the show contains such important representation. And that’s especially baffling as they were immediately the most interesting characters to me! But they probably aren’t the only queer representation in the show. There’s really strong cases for all of the main characters being bisexual, but especially Usagi. There’s no way that Usagi isn’t, and I’m saying that even with the knowledge that her love interest is male. But this is the only canon queer couple, and that’s immensely important.

I just want more people to talk about Michiru and Haruka. And also their song ‘Eternal Eternity’ from ‘Sailor Moon: Crystal’, which is so much more of a bop than I was expecting it to be. Seriously, that song is so beautiful and gets stuck in my head so much now. Now that I’ve ranted about two of my new favorite characters for awhile, I’m going to get back to being the usual K-Pop chaotic tornado that I am. My sister and I recently got our Dad into ATEEZ (no small feat, I assure you), and I daresay that I have more work to do. But seriously, if you haven’t checked out at least season 3 of ‘Crystal’ of the media I mentioned, do it now! Though I warn you, you may become a ‘Sailor Moon’ fan. Especially a Neptune and Uranus fan. And yes, you can totally blame me for that!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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