K-Pop: Dreamcatcher Solo Songs

Promotional image of Lee Gahyeon, Kim Minji (JiU), Lee Yubin (Dami), Kim Bora (SuA), Lee Siyeon, Han Dong, and Kim Yoohyeon. Copyright goes to Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher Company.

Hey! Hallie here!

My sister touched on this in our last post, but both of us completely missed talking about Dreamcatcher’s most recent album, ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’, when it was released a few weeks ago. And that was a huge misstep on our part because this album is SO GOOD. Seriously, if you haven’t listened to it, or if you haven’t listened to Dreamcatcher at all, I highly recommend checking it out. These girls perfect the pop/rock sound, slightly creepy vibes, and encouraging messages. But today I’m not going to cover all of the songs on the album. Today I’m going to do give my thoughts on all of their individual songs. Because we don’t see enough groups showing off their individuality by releasing individual songs for each member. Dreamcatcher has always impressed me with their good line distribution, but I never expected them to highlight each artist in this way and I’m so happy about it. So without any more blabbering from me, let’s get into it!

“Cherry (Real Miracle)” JiU Solo:

I’m not sure I was completely expecting a cute love song coming from our leader, but it suits her so well! This song is entirely about the happiness felt when you fall in love with someone. From focusing on her crush’s smile to dreaming about a happy life together, this song is full of adorable thoughts on love. And JiU’s voice, as always, is incredible in this. Her voice takes on a sweetness and higher register that matches the pop feel of this song perfectly. But at times, especially in the chorus, you can hear the stronger elements of her voice that make her such a staple in Dreamcatcher songs. I just love how “Cherry (Real Miracle)” reflects the more happy, carefree part of JiU’s personality!

“No Dot” SuA Solo:

SuA is such a badass and this song reflects it perfectly. Seriously, the strength radiating off of SuA in this song is enviable. This is another love song, but it’s more about how she’s both irresistible and completely in control in her relationship. Which is nothing less than what I expected from SuA. “No Dot” is more about the heavy beats and alluring chorus, which demonstrate SuA’s impressive belt and hypnotic voice. I especially love how her rap skills come to play about halfway through the song before seamlessly transitioning to singing once again. This is definitely one of those songs that makes you feel particularly confident while you listen to it and I don’t think SuA would have it any other way.

“Entrancing” Siyeon Solo:

Siyeon is the only one of the girls to have had a solo song on a previous album. Her first song, “Paradise”, was a beautiful song with a bit more of a hard hitting chorus. This one is a bit slower and takes its time to get to the chorus. And the chorus, while still hard hitting, is less about the addictive beats and more about the incredible quality of Siyeon’s voice. And I think it suits her even more than “Paradise” did. This song is absolutely gorgeous. The backing track makes it feel whimsical and wistful. Meanwhile, Siyeon’s voice is gentle and clear, even when the tone changes to something more desperate. It all perfectly fits the message of heartbreak in the lyrics and the earnest emotions that can always be found in Siyeon’s songs.

“Winter” Handong Solo:

“Winter” perfectly follows “Entrancing” on the album as another song that slows down to an easier pace. It’s definitely a lighter song though, which you can hear instantly with the relaxing guitar and bouncy beat. This song also has a somber meaning, which Handong reflects with her light and quiet vocals. The song describes an unexpected reunion with an ex whom she still misses. It also bemoans how her ex can seem so happy when she’s still not over them, which is a very relatable sentiment to anyone who’s run into someone they were once close with. My favorite part of this song though, are the final few lines that are sung in Mandarin! Honestly, a song showcasing Handong wouldn’t have been complete without it.

“For” Yoohyeon Solo:

Yoohyeon completely blew me away with this song. From the beginning few piano notes you can instantly tell this song’s going to be a cute, crooning love song. Then Yoohyeon flexes her English skills by singing the whole thing in English. This is the only entirely English song on the album and Yoohyeon definitely uses that stand-out quality to her advantage. I really love the wholesome lyrics covering her strong feelings for her crush. And the wintery imagery here as well as the fun piano, Yoohyeon’s impressive range, and the inarguable Sinatra vibes the song gives off, makes me think of drinking a warm drink on cold, Christmasy day. All of these comforting vibes can only be expected from the group’s puppy.

“Beauty Full” Dami Solo:

And here we get to my bias so excuse me if I’m insufferable for a few moments. This song instantly grips you with electric guitar, giving away the heavy rock feel to this song. It honestly feels like it could be the opening of an anime. Also, for those who didn’t know Dami could sing or are only familiar with her rapping, here’s your proof that her voice is incredible. Her deep voice lends itself well to an uplifting rock song and when she does slip into rap, it works perfectly with the beat of the song. “Beauty Full” also deviates from the love-based messaging by giving us an anthem about being proud to be yourself even when life is confusing. Dami’s unapologetic love of her weirdness has always inspired me, so I can’t express how much it means to me to hear her express it in a solo song.

“Playground” Gahyeon Solo:

Lastly, we have the youngest member and a very introspective dive into her youth. Once again we’re back to a cuter backing beat with this song, as well as an overall happier feel. The chorus is especially addictive, her impressive range and steady voice making the joy of her childhood feel infectious. I love the way this song addresses her childhood dreams and even references the manhwa characters she used to love, all coming together to emphasize her happiness at feeling as though she is living those dreams. You really can’t help but feel happy for her. Overall this song is incredibly fun with a deep meaning, and Gahyeon’s voice only gets better and better as the years go by.

I loved going through each of these songs and their meanings! The only group I’m super familiar with who does solo songs like this is BTS, and I always adore how much each of their personalities come out during their solo songs. Dreamcatcher dipping their toes into solo songs as well makes me feel like I know the members even better than I did before. I also feel like I can better tell what each of them wants to say as a performer, and that’s always important to me. I really hope Dreamcatcher continues to do solo songs in the future. I love hearing them, and I love hearing the way that artists perspectives on their messages and on themselves changes over the years. The girls really killed it with their solo songs this album and I would love to hear more!

Don’t do anything fun until I get back!


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