K-Pop: ‘Dreamcatcher’ Songs For Halloween

Screenshot of Lee Gahyeon and Kim Mini (JiU) from the ‘BEcause’ MV. Copyright goes to Dreamcatcher Company and Dreamcatcher.

Hi! It’s Annie!

Last post I said that I would probably do a post entirely dedicated to Dreamcatcher songs for Halloween, and this is that post. I can’t think of many groups this perfect for Halloween. From the debut of the group as we know it now, they’ve based most of their concepts on creepy and horror themes. A stark contrast from how the group initially attempted to debut, a couple members less and under a different name. They went from exceptionally cute and girly to the only group doing what they were doing at the time. Many of their MVs depicted them as dolls, trapped with only one not getting out in the end, in haunted houses, or even as mirrored versions of themselves attempting to take the place of the real ones like the movie ‘Us’. They’ve done entire Halloween concerts in amazing and hilarious costumes before and continue to go all out every Halloween. I can’t wait to see what they do this year! But for this post I’m going to focus on their creepiest songs and the accompanying MVs that go with them!


One of the things that I love about this MV is that it almost creates an entirely different world to operate out of. The song ‘BEcause’ is a simultaneously fast paced and haunting song that details a love so creepy that it’s absolutely obsessive. The singer is very possessive about the person that they love and will do anything to have them and keep them. The way this is depicted in the music video is in the way of taking over another person’s life. Specifically, it depicts a very demonic looking JiU attempting to steal the life of Gahyeon, and sometimes even the other way around. The entire MV takes place in dark hallways or what looks to be an abandoned amusement park, haunted by the remnants of people who used to be there and were possibly taken over. Gahyeon is chased throughout the MV by an unknown force that may or may not be JiU while the haunted forms of the other bandmates show up. JiU appears to be running away from a similar force within mirrors. The story could go either way. Maybe Gahyeon is living the life intended for a trapped JiU or perhaps a mirror JiU is the one chasing the terrified Gahyeon. Either way, at the end Gahyeon sits rather dazed on a throne while JiU stands at her side. I thought the lyrics of obsession in love were cleverly changed into this metaphor for taking over someone’s life. This is probably my favorite ‘Dreamcatcher’ song right now too. I just can’t get it out of my head!

‘Deja Vu’:

This is one of their most creative MVs and one of my favorites too. The song is about holding pain over something that has happened that made somebody they love impossible to retrieve. The MV depicts this perfectly, instead depicting a kingdom. At the beginning of the MV we see Yoohyeon sit on a throne as black shoots out from behind it as if covering the kingdom in darkness. We then see the kingdom how it used to be, with a very pure looking JiU as ruler and Yoohyeon, a loyal knight to her dressed in black. This is interspersed with shots of JiU in a coffin, which foreshadows what’s to come. Yoohyeon suddenly turns on JiU and kills her, taking the throne for herself. Throughout the MV we also see the opposites of that where it looks like a paranoid Yoohyeon is afraid of JiU coming back to assassinate her and take the throne from her, starting the process all over again. While Yooheyeon seems to long for a time where she wasn’t the paranoid Queen and everything was alright before JiU died, we also see her maliciously take to the throne complete with an evil smile. I’m still so blown away with how much story they packed into this MV. I want an entire series based off of this plot, please!

‘Chase Me’ and ‘GOOD NIGHT’:

This is a two part story. ‘Chase Me’ is an ominous song that encourages the listener to come and find the girls as the lyrics laugh about the outrageous ways they’ll mess with the listeners mind. The MV depicts a man walking through a house as he tries to rest but is faced with images of the girls whichever way he turns, making it difficult for him to leave. He attempts to follow the girls and make them stop as he’s tormented by them, even taking an axe to chop down a door that he sees an image behind. With two of the girls flashing in and out together in the hallway and the man with the axe, it’s clear that the MV takes a lot of inspiration from ‘The Shining’. Some shots depict the girls using witchcraft to torture him and at the end we see a picture of the members of the group, confirming their apparent deaths in this universe. The next MV takes place where we left off, with the man with the axe attempting to chop down the door of a room. Upon his entrance he sees a study where he takes down a rather creepy book. The lyrics talk about the fun of trapping their prey like a doll forever, while he continues to be tormented. But then the script is apparently flipped. It seems as though the girls are trapped until they can take revenge on whoever this man is, making me wonder if he was the one who killed them in the first place. The girls are able to escape at the very end by trapping him in a mirror from which he can never escape.

‘Red Sun’:

This is a dance style MV where the lyrics once again ominously promise the listener will be trapped forever in a torturous existence. What really makes this MV creepy is the red bathed light over their all black costumes and the choreography. The choreography mostly is reminiscent of casting spells and witchcraft while Yooheyon is thrown around almost like a doll throughout. The eerie choreography mixed with the lyrics makes it one of their more eerie MVs despite not having a full storyline and only focusing on the extremely well thought out dance.

‘BOCA’ and ‘Scream’:

While Dreamcatcher started out mostly with creepy based songs, they are now more known for their important messages in their lyrics. ‘Odd Eye’ is about actually making a change rather that just claiming utopia, ‘MAISON’ tackles the dangers of climate change, and ‘BOCA’ is just as important. This one talks about bullying and the power of words as well as addressing the mental health issues in South Korea due to bullying. The MV shows the girls in a subway type area while they are being chased by faceless people. This horrifying imagery is meant to depict how people feel free to say cruel things when they are faceless on the internet. The second setting is a fantasy setting with a tree full of life and surrounded by water that they all seem to be attempting to protect as deities in gorgeous gowns. This life tree comes up again in other MVs, mainly because it’s shown to be burned and destroyed in ‘Scream’. The message as well as the creepy faceless people, makes this a must watch for everyone. ‘Scream’ follows ‘BOCA’. The guardians are still there but the tree has died after people completely forgot to say good things. The song is about the horror of increasing hatred and the song even compares this hatred to the devil, encouraging the listeners to open their eyes and stop the hate. Not only is the rock sound of this song amazing, the apocalyptic feel and darker theming really drive home the message while making this a perfect Halloween watch.

‘Dreamcatcher’ is really close here to releasing a brand new album. Considering their deep messages and the fact that it is actually in October; I really can’t wait! This is when ‘Dreamcatcher’ is at their most powerful, so I don’t think we can even expect how powerful this comeback will be. Their last album gave them their very first win, so hopefully we’ll see even more awards with this new one!

See you across the pond!

Sincerely, Annie

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