K-Pop: ‘Dreamcatcher’ Songs For Halloween

Hi! It’s Annie! Last post I said that I would probably do a post entirely dedicated to Dreamcatcher songs for Halloween, and this is that post. I can’t think of many groups this perfect for Halloween. From the debut of the group as we know it now, they’ve based most of their concepts on creepyContinue reading “K-Pop: ‘Dreamcatcher’ Songs For Halloween”

K-Pop: Dreamcatcher Solo Songs

Hey! Hallie here! My sister touched on this in our last post, but both of us completely missed talking about Dreamcatcher’s most recent album, ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’, when it was released a few weeks ago. And that was a huge misstep on our part because this album is SO GOOD. Seriously, if you haven’t listenedContinue reading “K-Pop: Dreamcatcher Solo Songs”

K-Pop: BTS Comeback and Dreamcatcher First Win

Hi! It’s Annie! It’s been far too long since I’ve done a general K-Pop news post and if there’s any time to get back into it, it’s now. Over the past week countless things have been happening in the K-Pop community, most of them involving amazing news, which have grabbed the public’s attention. In aContinue reading “K-Pop: BTS Comeback and Dreamcatcher First Win”