Disney: ‘Cruella’ Review

Hey! Hallie here! I watched ‘Cruella’ tonight and like a lot of people who have been watching it recently, I have some thoughts. First off, I want to say that a lot of people are pre-judging this film for one particular part of the plot that occurs early in the movie. In case you wantContinue reading “Disney: ‘Cruella’ Review”

Disney: Raya and the Last Dragon Review

Hi! It’s Annie! Over the weekend I finally got around to watching ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ even though it’s already been out for weeks. Going into this I had fairly high expectations. Most of this was because I watched footage of the ‘D23’ (Disney convention in Anaheim) event where they announced it and IContinue reading “Disney: Raya and the Last Dragon Review”

Disney: Lilo and Stitch Underrated Characters

Hi! It’s Annie! Happy Easter everyone! Summer is still a couple months away, but it doesn’t feel like it. At least here in California, the weather is acting like summer is already here. But also knowing California, the weather might change drastically again. So while it’s still feeling like summer around here, I decided toContinue reading “Disney: Lilo and Stitch Underrated Characters”

Books: Peter Pan is Misunderstood

Hi! It’s Annie! I’ve done a post on the best adaptations of Peter Pan before, which was very fun because I absolutely love Peter Pan; but I don’t think I was able to say everything I wanted to about the character of Peter himself. (I’ve also been thinking about Peter Pan more because of ATEEZContinue reading “Books: Peter Pan is Misunderstood”

Disney: ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ is Underrated

Hi! It’s Annie! “You threw off my groove!” ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ has been around for a while now and is definitely one of my favorite Disney films. It’s not every day that you see Disney dip it’s toes into a buddy film style comedy, which is exactly what happened with this brilliant movie. It’sContinue reading “Disney: ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ is Underrated”

Disney: The Princesses Who Deserve The Hate And The Ones That Don’t

Hi! It’s Annie! As some of the older Disney movies are looked at again, and with some of them being questionably remade, the Disney princesses have been specifically scrutinized. This isn’t without reason; many people have been looking back at them to see which princesses are actually good female representation. Even though there are definitelyContinue reading “Disney: The Princesses Who Deserve The Hate And The Ones That Don’t”

Disney: The Descendants Characters

Hi! It’s Annie! Because I have absolutely nothing better to do, I recently returned to the ‘Descendants’ series. When this came out it immediately interested me due to the connection with other Disney stories without attempting to force a retell onto audiences. Instead it focused on the lives of four kids who have the misfortuneContinue reading “Disney: The Descendants Characters”

Disney: Top 5 Male Love Interests

Hey! Hallie here! I grew up with Disney movies and fell for most of the Disney princes. I’ve been a romantic ever since I was a kid and I could appreciate most of them for the love and devotion they showed the female leads. Going back to some of these movies, though, there are aContinue reading “Disney: Top 5 Male Love Interests”

Disney: The Rise of Elizabeth Swann

Hi! It’s Annie! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! YE BE WARNED. I don’t think I’ve quite made it clear yet how much I have an absolute love for Elizabeth Swann from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. Not only is Keira Knightley one of my favorite actors all of time, but there were few characters as formativeContinue reading “Disney: The Rise of Elizabeth Swann”

Disney: What Was With Frozen 2?

Hi! It’s Annie! I just watched ‘Frozen 2’ a couple days ago, yes I know I’m late, and I have a lot of thoughts. I’m going to be completely honest here and say now that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first ‘Frozen’ film. Sure, I didn’t hate it. It wasn’t the worst thingContinue reading “Disney: What Was With Frozen 2?”