Comfort Entertainment: Lovably Flawed Anime Characters

Hi! It’s Annie! Sorry for the late post! I think one major difference with the way I currently consume fictional content to the way I used to when I was younger, is my newfound appreciation for flawed characters. In this blog I constantly talk about how I love a flawed character, and that didn’t necessarilyContinue reading “Comfort Entertainment: Lovably Flawed Anime Characters”

Twins in Media: (Round 2) Hallie and Annie vs. Hikaru and Kaoru

Hi! It’s Annie! We’re in round two and finally starting to get into the twin representations that are actually pretty good! The first two are pitted together simply because they both fall deep into the mischievous twins trope; but both have been pretty consistently good up until this point. Really, it’s going to be difficultContinue reading “Twins in Media: (Round 2) Hallie and Annie vs. Hikaru and Kaoru”

Twins In Media: Twin Battles Moving on to Round 2!

Hey! Hallie here! If you’ve been keeping up with our Twins in Media posts, you know that we’ve been putting twins from famous media head to head in order to determine which fictional twins represent real twins the best. And, as of now, the first round is over! However, we did leave out a fewContinue reading “Twins In Media: Twin Battles Moving on to Round 2!”

Twins in Media: Hikaru and Kaoru vs Fred and George

Hi! It’s Annie! Now that we’ve covered a massive variety of twins in media, we thought we would pit them all against each other to see what’s really the best portrayal of twins in media out there right now. Of course, we have to start with the obvious pairing of Hikaru and Kaoru vs FredContinue reading “Twins in Media: Hikaru and Kaoru vs Fred and George”

Twins in Media: Hikaru and Kaoru

Hi! It’s Annie! As twins who have been affected by media our entire lives, you can bet that we’re going to talk a lot about twin representation in media. The first anime that I ever watched was one ‘Ouran Highschool Host Club’ and at first watch I HATED Hikaru and Kaoru. Why? Because twincest madeContinue reading “Twins in Media: Hikaru and Kaoru”