Video Games: ‘Persona 5 Royal’ Review

Hey! Hallie here! ‘Persona 5 Royal’ has been out for a while now but, to be honest, I was really on the fence about purchasing it. I love ‘Persona 5’, it’s one of my favorite games, but a lot of companies re-release games with only a couple added perks at full price as a cashContinue reading “Video Games: ‘Persona 5 Royal’ Review”

Comfort Entertainment: Pastels and Character Inspo

Hi! It’s Annie! I’m going to take a slight break from all the K-Pop posts, mainly because I’m slightly getting over not getting BTS tickets (I did go to the LA one, so I’m honestly fine!) and I’m currently stuck in the music world of N.Flying. I swear I’ll find something else to discuss aboutContinue reading “Comfort Entertainment: Pastels and Character Inspo”

Video Games: The Women of ‘Persona 5’

Hi! It’s Annie! So, currently I’m trying to distract myself from the stress of attempting to get tickets to the Las Vegas ‘Permission to Dance’ BTS concert. I mean, this feels less stressful than last time since I already saw them in LA, but seeing them again while they’re on tour would be amazing. So,Continue reading “Video Games: The Women of ‘Persona 5’”

Video Games: Games to Play When It’s Raining

Hey! Hallie here! The winter season is bringing a lot of rain to my house right now, which happens to be my favorite type of weather. I love relaxing indoors while it’s raining. Usually that means I’m reading some kind of book, but there are several video games that fit the perfect, relaxing, gloomy vibeContinue reading “Video Games: Games to Play When It’s Raining”

Twins in Media: Janice and Jessica vs Sumire and Kasumi

Hi! It’s Annie! I know, I know. Generally we post these on Tuesday, but because we took Thanksgiving as a holiday, it’s today because it’s my twins in media week. Because it’s my week for these ‘versus’ posts, I decided to take the pairs of twins I have probably roasted the most and pit themContinue reading “Twins in Media: Janice and Jessica vs Sumire and Kasumi”

Twins in Media: Sumire and Kasumi

Hi! It’s Annie! Welcome to another (slightly late) twins in media week! This will be the last week we do posts formatted like this, so next week we’ll be moving onto different ventures with twins in media. There’s definitely more to come! For our last week we decided on video games and, to be honest,Continue reading “Twins in Media: Sumire and Kasumi”