Twins in Media: Jubilee’s ‘Odd One Out’ with Twins

Hi! It’s Annie! YouTube isn’t really a usual thing for my sister and I to talk about on this blog. I know I’ve mentioned some web series before (such as Hank Green’s ‘Lizzie Bennet Diaries’), but it really hasn’t gone too far beyond that. Our blog is entertainment media based but we generally focus onContinue reading “Twins in Media: Jubilee’s ‘Odd One Out’ with Twins”

Twins in Media: Finals

Hey! Hallie here! We’re finally at the last pair up for Twins in Media. Our two finalists are Hallie and Annie from ‘The Parent Trap’ and Dipper and Mabel Pines from ‘Gravity Falls’. As my sister and I based this blog off of ‘The Parent Trap’, I will keep my biases in check while discussingContinue reading “Twins in Media: Finals”

Twins in Media (Round 2): Twitches vs. Liv and Maddie

Hey! Hallie here! This week in Twins in Media we’re looking into the two Disney Channel twins that made it past our first round. Liv and Maddie are a more recent interpretation of twins that have some surprisingly realistic pieces of their relationship. However, they still suffer from many damning tropes. And Twitches, surprisingly, hitsContinue reading “Twins in Media (Round 2): Twitches vs. Liv and Maddie”

Twins in Media: Liv and Maddie vs Zack and Cody

Hey! Hallie here! We’re back with Twins in Media! This week I’m looking at the most popular Disney Channel twins, and some of the most popular twins from American television in general. ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I loved watching it and absolutely didn’tContinue reading “Twins in Media: Liv and Maddie vs Zack and Cody”

Twins in Media: Yubaba and Zeniba

Hi! It’s Annie! For the last couple weeks of twins in media in October, we actually have Halloween themed twin characters! ‘Spirited Away’ is definitely one of my favorite animated films and I absolutely love Haku and Chihiro. I’m just a sucker for those two characters. But so many of the characters in this movieContinue reading “Twins in Media: Yubaba and Zeniba”