Twins in Media (Round 2): Twitches vs. Liv and Maddie

Hey! Hallie here! This week in Twins in Media we’re looking into the two Disney Channel twins that made it past our first round. Liv and Maddie are a more recent interpretation of twins that have some surprisingly realistic pieces of their relationship. However, they still suffer from many damning tropes. And Twitches, surprisingly, hitsContinue reading “Twins in Media (Round 2): Twitches vs. Liv and Maddie”

Twins in Media: Twitches vs. Annalise and Erika

Hi! It’s Annie! We’re getting close to the end of this branch of twins in media, and this time I’m going to pit a couple of the sets of twins from my childhood against each other. I definitely grew up with Annalise and Erika and Twitches was something I heard about from friends rather thanContinue reading “Twins in Media: Twitches vs. Annalise and Erika”

Twins in Media: Twitches

Hi! It’s Annie! More Halloween themed twins in media! When I was really young I used to watch ‘Sister, Sister’ starring Tia and Tamera, but for some reason this never extended to watching ‘Twitches’. I had always heard a lot about this one, but for years I just wasn’t interested. I really have to beContinue reading “Twins in Media: Twitches”